The Organization

Baidarie is a non-government and non-profit civil society organization which was established in 1993 by a group of rural women of Union Council Roras, Tehsil District Sialkot. With a demonstrated-focus on community led and demand driven approach, the organization carries out its operations without having religious, lingual, political, social or any other discriminations.


Baidarie Sialkot is registered under Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961 with the Social Welfare Department, Punjab vide certificate No. DDSW-GRW (Regd ) / 2000-790 of 2000.

Years of Experience : 23 Years (1993-2019)


The organization developed its first five yearly strategic plans in 1997. Its implementation increased organization’s operational outreach in Sialkot and Attock through well equipped offices and linkages with social activists, civil society groups and networks in Pakistan.  During implementation of its next strategic plan for 2003-2008, it developed well defined field management strategies, internal control procedures; operationally co related MIS & FIS for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in its operations. Trained Cadre of Trainers, Human rights violations reporting desk and responding system and Research, analysis, documentation and publication team also then came into existence. These arrangements enabled the organization to strive hard for fostering a culture of respect for the basic human rights,  Contributing to the reduction in   gender based discriminations and violence,   increasing social harmony and access to vitally required services for improving quality of life of the vulnerable classes living in its operational areas and those suffering from emergency situations elsewhere.


The organization has General Body comprising of 36 women and 13 men as it members. It meets on annual basis. BoD comprising of nine members (5 men and 4 women) meets quarterly to provide continuous oversight for ensuring organization to pursue its fundamental strategic dimensions. Executive Director leads the organization’s operational management and is answerable to the BoD. Executive Director also offers his professional advice to the BoD on strategic planning and technical matters relating organizational development and maintains liaison with external stakeholders like govt. and support agencies. Finance & Accounts team is headed by GM Admin & Finance. Organizational accounts are audited by QCR listed auditors approved by BoD.


The organization is currently having 30 paid staff members comprising of 24 men and 6 women. They include graduates and post graduates in health, social sciences and finance. All of them have received trainings relating their professional responsibilities. As of now their association with the organization ranges from 4 to 15 years.


Organization is privileged to have strong working relationship with 57 CBOs/CSOs, 389 Community organizations and 46 community vigilance groups working in its operational areas. In addition, it has created rich treasure of social capital in the form of young  women & men volunteers and human rights defenders who always render their services for promoting  social and human development agenda of the organization.

Management  Methodology

Baidarie takes up objectively developed plans for making its interventions.  Workload is distributed on quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis with defined roles and responsibilities of the implementation team. Daily progress reports are documented and submitted to supervisory tiers in the team for review and necessary advice. Qualitative and quantitative progress of the activities is monitored with the help of the objectively verifiable performance indicators to assure timely achievement of output/outcome results. Monthly progress review meetings are conducted with the participation of the organizational top management and the project implementation teams to review monthly progress, monitoring reports, feedback from the right holders and the stakeholders.  Approval to work plan for next month is accorded after adjusting variances, if any. The organization puts in place horizontal hierarchy of management so that efficient decision making assuring timely risk mitigation may be done. For effective internal control, the organization has in place comprehensive Finance, Management & Administration policies and SOPs approved by BoD. They cover finance, HR, Admin, Procurement, result based management, environment, Gender and governance. Qualified and adequately trained staff with clear job descriptions and well defined reporting channels is in place to ensure effective and efficient functioning of the systems. Automated financial information system is used to document the financial transactions. Financial audits are conducted annually by the firm of auditors approved by the Board. Project based/ third party auditing is also conducted, whenever required.

Strategic  Dimensions


Baidarie visualizes “An equitable society that can provide for institutionalized  guarantee of protection and promotion of all the  civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to all the vulnerable social segments  especially women, children and persons with physical limitations.”


Providing enabling environment and friendly spaces for empowerment of women, children and other vulnerable groups through general awareness of laws and setting social protection networks.


Protection and promotion of the basic human rights of Women, children, disabled persons and religious minorities through value based institutional development and good governance.

Organizational Objectives

  • Poverty Alleviation through knowledge building, capacity enhancement, skill enrichment/diversification, development of entrepreneurship/own account employment, linkages development, enhancing financial and social inclusions and rights based advocacy etc.
  • To end gender based discriminations and violent practices against women, children and Non Muslims
  • To protect and promote human rights, especially rights of women, children, persons with physical limitations and vulnerable communities.
  • To make efforts for maternal and new born healthcare improvement by increasing access for the communities, women/girls and children to preventive, diagnostic, curative and counseling services etc
  • To create efficient, transparent, credible and accountable governance structures and processes where women may actively participate in local opinion, policy and decision making etc.
  • To promote quality education in formal and non formal disciplines and adult literacy.
  • To equip female and male youth with basic life skills and competencies for reasonably and responsibly assuming their roles in future. 
  • To conduct Research & analysis on the issues confronting overall development of the people and address issues on the basis of the findings
  • To develop Baidarie as a viable and sustainable institution offering rights-based, holistic and integrated interventions to raise the standards of living of the vulnerable communities

Core Values

  • Respect to democratic process and upholding democratic values in all spheres of society and organization
  • Work towards peaceful solutions of problems facing people especially marginalized groups
  • Equal opportunities for all, without discriminating them on the basis of caste, gender, religion, language, ethnicity or class.
  • Affirmative action for social, economic and political empowerment of women, especially those living in rural areas.
  • Culturally sensitive development planning
  • Environment as a standard for all actions

Nature of the prior work

  • Since its inception the organization has been struggling for pacing up the process of social and financial inclusions. Major areas of its interventions have been as under:
  • Awareness raising, knowledge building and sensitization in state and society related policy/opinion /decision makers for proactively addressing the issues thwarting gender mainstreaming, equality and justice.
  • Increasing Responsiveness in state & societal legal and social support mechanisms for protection and promotion of the fundamental rights of vulnerable groups and facilitating easy and expedited access to justice for the victims.
  • Capacity building of the grass-root CSOs and other stakeholders to provide legal and social protection to women/girls and children survivors of gender based discriminations and violence.
  • Demands for pro-poor and gender-sensitive legislation and enforcement of legal provisions protecting the rights of vulnerable ones.
  • Poverty alleviation through social mobilization, capacity development, skill diversification, micro-financing, development of entrepreneurship and increase in  access to the linkages for maximizing productivity, employablity and  income generation.
  • Research, analysis on social and economic issues.
  • It has also been working to increase , formal and non-formal education, universal primary education,  child rights protection, youth development,  women adult literacy, protection of the rights of women workers, primary health care, protection of human rights, capacity development of local bodies, provision of relief to the affectees of natural calamities and the  rights based advocacy and etc.


Baidarie Sialkot has been honored to work in collaboration with

Partnerships between 1993-2019

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, ILO, UN-WOMEN, The Asia Foundation, adidas Group, Global Fund for Women, Amplifying Change, TDEA, NED, Punjab Business Skill Fund , UNICEF, NCHD, EC-EIDHR, DFID, British High Commission, CIDA-PSU, CIDA-PAGE, SCF (UK), SAP-Pk, Social Welfare Department, DTCE, TVO, GFW, Corporate Sector, vocational training institutes, Aurat Foundation (AF),Muslim Charity Fund (UK) , Awaiting Eyes Foundation (UK), District Government Sialkot, Corporate Sector and Local support structures etc.