Baidarie Sialkot

Glimpses of Organizational Track Record

The Organization:

Baidarie is a non-government and non-profit civil society organization which was established in 1993 by a group of rural women of Union Council Roras, Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot. With a demonstrated-focus on community led and demand driven approach, the organization carries out its operations without having religious, lingual, political, social or any other discriminations. Following web links can provide further necessary information about the organization. ,



Baidarie Sialkot is registered under Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961 with the Social Welfare Department, Punjab vide certificate No. DDSW-GRW (Regd ) / 2000-790 of 2000.

Baidarie is certified (as per NPO evaluation standards notified by FBR) by Pakistan Center for philanthropy (PCP) vide Certificate No. PCP-2018/630 dated 22 Nov 2018.

Punjab Charity Commission has granted registration (Provisional) to Baidarie vide registration No. PB-4565780787440175 dated 26 Oct 2020.

Having fulfilled all the procedural requirements, Baidarie submitted its application to Economic Affairs Division Ministry of Finance for signing an MOU in respect  of its NED funded “ Programme for strengthening democratic local governance in District Sialkot Phase-II and   Amplify Change funded “Programme for promotion of gender equity, empowerment and Justice: Phase-II”. EAD vide its letter No. 2(764) NGO/EAD/2020 dated 13 July 2020 acknowledged the receipt of the application. ( Copy of EAD letter is attached herewith) Matter is under process with EAD.

Commissioner Inland Revenue Sialkot Zone In exercise of the powers under sub-clause (c) of clause (36) of section 2 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 read with Rule 212 and Rule 220 of the Income Tax Rules, 2002, has granted to Baidarie, Model Town Sialkot having NTN 4001561 as “Non-Profit Organization” The approval is granted as NPO by FBR vide No.  4001561 dated 29 June 2020.

Contact Information:

Ms. Hina Noureen, Vice President


Address : Mailing Address: Baidarie Head Office, 13/7-B, Model Town Uggoki, Tehsil & District Sialkot.

Permanent address: Village & Post office Roras, Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot.

Contact Number (including area code): 052-3514246-48,

Contact person :

Arshid Mehmood Mirza: Executive Director

Email address:

Cell #: 0333-8615406


“An equitable society that can provide for institutionalized  guarantee of protection and promotion of all the  civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to all the vulnerable social segments  especially women, children and persons with physical limitations.”


“To Provide  enabling environment and friendly spaces for empowerment of women & girls and other vulnerable social segments through general awareness of laws, capacity building and facilitating their access to the social protection networks.”

Core Programmes/Services

The organization has been working for increasing economic, social and political inclusion of women, girls and other vulnerable social segments into the mainstream developmental process through:

knowledge building, social mobilization, capacity development,

Provision of Healthcare facilities

Promotion of formal and non-formal education

skill enhancment and diversifcation,

development of women led entrepreneurship,

increase in  access to the linkages for maximizing productiivity, employablity and  income generation,

protecting women & girls from gender based discriminations & violence in the indoor and outdoor spheres of life,

promoting gender equity, empowerment and justice,

facilitation in isuance of CNICs,

registration of voters ,

voter education and 

promoting culture of accoutnability of elected representatives and public office holders.

It has also been makig efforts for  enabling the most vulnerable ones for making collective organized struggle for securing, protecting and promoting their basic human rights and raising their voices to be considered during policy/decision making processes at all levels.

From 2010 onwards, with the support provided by UN WOMEN, ILO, PPAF and adidas the organization has been making extensive efforts for the socio-economic rehabilitation of jobless women soccer stitchers and empowerment of women and girls workers in the informal sector in Sialkot.

Detail of the Projects Undertaken (1993-2020)





Support Agency



Pacing up access of the poor and the ultra poor for  financial and Social Inclusions.

Skill training Center for women Roras

SAP-PK & Local Resources


Women Social Consciousness and Capacity Building Programme



Women Social Consciousness and Capacity Building Programme – Consolidation Phase


2001- 2002

Micro Credit and Enterprise Development



Human & Institutional Development Support



Social Mobilization for enabling the local communities to take self-motivated development initiatives through local resource mobilization, lobbying, networking and pressure building 



Women Empowerment through Livestock Development



Skills for Jobs-2015


Dec 2014- Nov 2015

“Women Training For  Home Based Livestock 2017”

Punjab Skill



May 2017 –April 2018


Protection & promotion of worker’s  Rights

Socio-economic empowerment Programme of football Stitcher women in Union Council Roras Tehsil Sialkot. 

Save The Children ( UK)

Dec 1998 to  March 2001

Integrated Programme for Socio-economic empowerment of home based football Stitcher women in Sialkot



Provision of alternative livelihood to 100 jobless women soccer ball stitchers in Sialkot.


August 2013- July 2014

Programme for Integrated   support for

socioeconomic  rehabilitation of the jobless

women soccer stitchers in Sialkot- Pakistan 


April 2013 to

Jan 2016

Women Empowerment Programme: Piloting Phase



August 2015-July 2016

“Developing ILS Compliant Role Model in Sialkot based Corporate Sector”


March 1, 2016 to July 31, 2016

Women Empowerment Programme:  Phase-I


Jan 1, 2017-Dec 31, 2017

Women Empowerment Programme:  Phase-II


Aug 2018-July 2019

Empowerment of women

garment  workers in Sialkot


Nov 2016  to July 2018

Women’s Entrepreneurship and Gender-Responsiveness Procurement


16th April 2018 to 15 April 2019


Financial Literacy Programme ( Districts Sialkot & Narowal)

State Bank Of


July 01, 19 to June 30, 2020

Development of gender responsive entrepreneurship in District Sialkot (Punjab)


September 25, 2019

to May 30, 2020


Increasing access ot safe drinking Water

Sanitation, Water, Environmental Education & Technology Project



Installation of 100 bio-sand filters

Distt. Govt, Sialkot +CCB Kalian



Installation of 125 hand pumps for providing

safe drinking water to the poor households

Muslim Charity Fund (UK)

Jan –July 2014


Health  & Hygiene

Training of 15 women Community Health Workers  and establishment of referral services

Trust for Voluntary Organizations

2002 – 2003

Construction of 216 Low Cost Model Sanitary Latrines





District Health Care Programme


2003 -2004

Solid Waste Management- Roras Sanitation Programme

Local Resources-


Maternal Health Improvement Initiative


March - August 2014

Maternal Health Improvement Initiative –

Strengthening and Consolidation Phase


Mach 2015-Sept 2015


Education & Adult Literacy

Library for women

Local Resources

1997 till-to-date

Adult Literacy Center for Women



Primary Education and Preventive Health Programme in Rural Sialkot.



Construction of Girls Primary School at Jajjay Ramdas in Tehsil Sialkot.

UNICEF+ Community


Universal Primary Education Programme-Sialkot



Adult Literacy Programme

District Government Sialkot


Universal Primary Education Programme Attock

NCHD Islamabad

2003 – 2004

Women Adult Literacy Programme in Sialkot

NCHD Islamabad

2004 – 2005

Provision of support to 12

orphan children for

better schooling

Muslim Charity

Fund (UK)

Jan –Dec 



Elimination of Child and Bonded Labor: Setting up Non Formal Education Schools and mainstreaming them into the main schools

Punjab Labor and

Human Resource


March 2018-Dec 2023


Child Rights

Awareness raising against child labor in hazardous professions


1999 to 2002

Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD)


2002 to 2003

Awareness Raising of the stakeholders in the soccer ball industry about the menace of child labor


2002 -2003

Girl Child Rights Protection Programme


2003 to 2004

Registration at Birth


2002 to 2003

Children Clubs


April 2011 - March 2015


Youth Development

Development of basic life skills in youth and adolescents



2002 to 2003

Vocational Training

District Government Sialkot


Training of male and female youth for development of their Employability Potentials

ASK Development Consultants-RSPN



Basic Human Rights


Development of Human Rights Culture in District Sialkot



Political Empowerment of women in Sialkot

National Endowment for Democracy

May 2017 –April 2018

Strengthening Electoral & Legislative Process ( District Sialkot)


Nov 2017-to  March 2020

Programme for strengthening democratic local governance in Sialkot (Punjab) Pakistan


National Endowment for Democracy

April 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020


Ending Voilence Against Women

Evolving Model of Social Deterrence against Extreme acts of Violence against Women

British High Commission

2005 –2006)

Evolving of Social Deterrence against extreme acts of women against women

EC-EIDHR Islamabad.


2006- 2007

Reduction in violence on women

CIDA-PAGE Islamabad


We Can end Violence against Women


2010 -2013

Campaign for increasing community responsiveness against gender based discrimination and violence

WLUML-IWE: Women Reclaiming and Redefining Cultures (WRRC) Program


Access to justice Provision  of legal aid to survivors of violence ( Women/girls,

persons with physical limitations, Non Muslims)

The Asia



Feb 2014-August 2017


Programme for promotion of gender equity, empowerment and justice ( All the six districts in Gujranwala Division): Phase-I



July 2017- March 2019

Program for Promotion of Gender Equity, Empowerment And Justice ( All the six districts in Gujranwala Division): Phase-II

Amplify Change

October 01, 19 to Nov  30, 2020

Strengthening local Government and Community Networks to reduce violence against religious Minorities and other vulnerable group

Th    The Asia Foundation

April 1, 2018 to  Feb 28, 2019 


CapacityBuilding of local bodies

Evolving a model of a transparent, efficient and accountable governance structure in UC Roras Tehsil Sialkot

NPSO–Decentralization Support Programme

Jan 2005-July 2005

Capacity Building of Local Councilors

NDI Islamabad

March -Sept 2006

Monitoring of Citizen Community Boards  Mobilization

DTCE Islamabad


Project Cycle Management Training to 87 CCBs

DTCE Islamabad



Relief Efforts

Relief Measures of affectees of the earth quake

Local Resource Mobilization


Relief measures for IDPs in KPK

Local Resource Mobilization

2009 + 2014

Relief Measures for flood affectees in Nowshehra and Layyah

Local Resource Mobilization



Support to the poor/orphans

Provisions of sewing machines to 5 widows, wheel chairs to 16 persons with physical limitations and support for continuation of schooling to 54 orphan children.

Awaiting Eyes Foundation



Research and analysis on Social and economic issues

Research on impacts of globalization on peasant women



Several Research and analysis studies aiming at assessment of employment, working and living conditions of the home based women/girl workers  in football industry in Sialkot

Copenhagen business school + Several consultancies.


Current Partnerships




Support Agency

Time Frame


Haji Ashiq Hussain Mirza Memorial Hospital & Maternity Home Roras, Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot.

Local Resource Mobilization

2000 till-to-date


Distribution of Sehat Sahulat Cards in District Okrara, Sahiwal  Sialkot & Narowal

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

July 01, 2019 to May 2021


Financial Literacy Programe ( Districts Sialkot & Narowal)

State Bank Of Pakistan

July 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021


Programme for strengthening democratic local governance in Sialkot (Punjab) Pakistan: Phase-II

National Endowment for Democracy

May 01, 2020 to April 30, 2022


T  r    Training Cum Work Centers- Roras, Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot

Local Resource Mobilization

2013 to till Date


The Initiative for socioeconomic empowerment of 300 women home based workers & 50 women with disabilities in district Sialkot (Punjab) Pakistan.

UN WOMEN Country office Islamabad

March 2021-August 2021


Target population groups:  Women & girls more specifically the home based and domestic workers, Children, persons with physical limitations, Non-Muslims and vulnerable peasants and workers.


Organizational approach towards delivery of gender-sensitive, rights-based projects:

On the basis of objectively done situation analysis and in cognizance of the ground realities, the organization develops its operational strategies to maximize qualitative results at the ultimate outcome level for the empowerment of women, girls and other vulnerable communities by providing them with the appropriate knowledge and skills, as well as organizing them for identifying and tapping into economic growth opportunities. Increasing women workers' understanding on gender issues, protection against harassment, exploitation & violence and educating women workers on civic, economic, political and workers’ rights are the added key endeavors made by the organization.

Strong community mobilization component is also integrated to encourage decision makers in the families and the respective communities to allow women to get training on locally marketable income generating skills, set up women-led enterprises or find jobs and most importantly have control over their income.

All of these measures positively influence women’s capacity to (i) challenge gender biased stereotypes (ii) increase role of women in economic activities and decision-making at the level of their homes, workplaces and communities (iii) increased access of vulnerable women workers to social protection services that can safeguard their economic and social rights and save them from domestic violence and exploitation & harassment at the workplace.

Length of existence and experience:

Baidarie has been working in Sialkot District (1993-2018), Attock District (2002-2003) , in six districts of Gujranwala Division (2017-20) and districts Okara and Sahiwal in Sahiwal Division (2019-202). The organization enjoys an enviable level of credibility among the relevant stakeholders regarding usefulness of its interventions aiming at socioeconomic empowerment of women & girls.

Organizational Structure:

Baidarie has following three tier leadership and governance structure comprising of General Body, Board and Management.

General Body is exclusively comprised of programme beneficiaries (36 women + 13 Men) and it meets once a year to formulate and update the constitution of the organization.

Further It formulates overall policy of the organization

It appoints the members of the board

Review the annual report and budget of the organization

Board is a mix of social development experts, practitioners and beneficiaries dedicated to the advancement of gender equality, empowerment and justice. It meets on quarterly basis to determine strategic dimensions of the organization and grants approval to programme designs in accordance with the mandate approved by General Body.


Executive director is appointed by the Executive Board to take care of day to day business of the organization. S/he is reportable to the Board on the financial, administrative and programmatic affairs of the organization.

Participation of the programme beneficiaries including women groups in all of the above listed three decision making bodies helps in identification of their right based needs and demands, sorting out solutions to their problems, themselves becoming part of the solutions and in maintaining connectivity with communities.

Financial capacity:

Finance and Accounts system at Baidarie is regulated by comprehensive financial policy and SOPs approved by BoD. Qualified and adequately trained staff with clear job descriptions and well defined reporting channels is in place to ensure effective and efficient functioning of the systems. Automated financial information system (FIS) is used to document the financial transactions. Financial audits are conducted annually by the firm of auditors approved by the Board. Project based/ third party auditing is also conducted, whenever required.


Baidarie during its struggle for empowerment the poor and ultra-poor social segments  has enjoyed very good working relationship with the govt. departments i.e. Social Welfare Department,  Women Development Department, Punjab Labor & Human Resource  Department and district and Tehsil administrations. It also has enjoyed  very good working relationship with the  support agencies UN WOMEN, adidas, Amplify Change, National Endowment for Democracy, Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA), Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, The Asia Foundation, EC-EIDHR, UNICEF,  British High Commission, DFID, CIDA-PSU,  CIDA-PAGE, SCF (UK),  NCHD, DTCE, TVO, GFW (US), Muslim Charity Fund (UK) , Awaiting Eyes Foundation (UK), Punjab Business Skill Fund, Corporate Sector, vocational training institutes, Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sports Good Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association   and Local support structures.

Organizational Strengths

More than  25 years of Experience of Social Activism and Development

Well defined vision, mission & objectives, Policies and SOPs,

Operational outreach all across Sialkot District

Linkages with social activist/groups.

Close contacts with women & girls workers

Close working relationship with key players in Sialkot Industry and trade associations like SCCI, PGMEA, SGMA and others

Working partnerships with Training institutes in Sialkot i.e LPDI and VTI

Connected with Civil Society Groups and Networks in Pakistan

Well recognized role of activism for right based Socio-economic development for rural women and other vulnerable groups

Well defined field management strategies, internal control procedures for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Trained Cadre of Trainers

Effectively functional MIS & FIS

Well organized Finance & Accounts Department

Human rights reporting desk and responding system

Research, analysis, documentation and Publication Team

Networking and Linkages at national, provincial, district and local levels.

Future Plans:

To contribute to the efforts for mitigating spread of COVID-19.

Poverty alleviation,

Strengthening democratic local governance system

Provision of relief and rehabilitation services to people hit by natural calamities and other emergencies.

Community development,

Empowerment of Women

Provision of facilities for preventive, diagnostic and curative healthcare services to reduce maternal and child mortality and increase access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Prevention of discrimination and violence against women, children

Fostering Culture of respect for the basic human rights

Promotion of facilities for quality education-Formal, No formal, vocational, Technical