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Support Agency

Time Frame


Haji Ashiq Hussain Mirza Memorial Hospital & Maternity Home Roras, Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot.

Local Resource Mobilization

2000 till-to-date


Programme for strengthening democratic local governance in Sialkot (Punjab) Pakistan: Phase-II

National Endowment for Democracy

May 01, 2020


April 30, 2022


Financial Literacy Programme ( Districts Sialkot & Narowal)

State Bank of Pakistan

July 01, 2021


June 30, 2022


Community outreach to raise awareness on the migration in districts Sialkot & Gujranwala (Punjab) Pakistan 

Migrant Resource Center (MRC)

September 01, 2021


December 31, 2021


Training Cum Work Center Roras Tehsil Sambrial District Sialkot

Local Resource Mobilization

2013 till-to-date


Baidarie during its struggle for empowerment the poor and ultra-poor social segments has enjoyed very good working relationship with the govt. departments i.e. Social Welfare Department, Women Development Department, Punjab Labor & Human Resource Department and district and Tehsil administrations. It also has enjoyed very good working relationship with the support agencies UN WOMEN, adidas, Amplify Change, National Endowment for Democracy, Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA), Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, The Asia Foundation, EC-EIDHR, UNICEF, British High Commission, DFID, CIDA-PSU, CIDA-PAGE, SCF (UK), NCHD, DTCE, TVO, GFW (US), Muslim Charity Fund (UK) , Awaiting Eyes Foundation (UK), Punjab Business Skill Fund, Corporate Sector, vocational training institutes, Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sports Good Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association and Local support structures.

Target population groups:  Women & girls more specifically the home based and domestic workers, Children, persons with physical limitations, Non-Muslims and vulnerable peasants and workers.


Organizational approach towards delivery of gender-sensitive, rights-based projects:

On the basis of objectively done situation analysis and in cognizance of the ground realities, the organization develops its operational strategies to maximize qualitative results at the ultimate outcome level for the empowerment of women, girls and other vulnerable communities by providing them with the appropriate knowledge and skills, as well as organizing them for identifying and tapping into economic growth opportunities. Increasing women workers' understanding on gender issues, protection against harassment, exploitation & violence and educating women workers on civic, economic, political and workers’ rights are the added key endeavors made by the organization.


Strong community mobilization component is also integrated to encourage decision makers in the families and the respective communities to allow women to get training on locally marketable income generating skills, set up women-led enterprises or find jobs and most importantly have control over their income.


All of these measures positively influence women’s capacity to (i) challenge gender biased stereotypes (ii) increase role of women in economic activities and decision-making at the level of their homes, workplaces and communities (iii) increased access of vulnerable women workers to social protection services that can safeguard their economic and social rights and save them from domestic violence and exploitation & harassment at the workplace.


Length of existence and experience:

Baidarie has been working in Sialkot District (1993-2018), Attock District (2002-2003) , in six districts of Gujranwala Division (2017-20) and districts Okara and Sahiwal in Sahiwal Division (2019-202). The organization enjoys an enviable level of credibility among the relevant stakeholders regarding usefulness of its interventions aiming at socioeconomic empowerment of women & girls.