Organizational Structure

Baidarie has following three tier leadership and governance structure comprising of General Body, Board and Management.

General Body is exclusively comprised of programme beneficiaries (36 women + 13 Men) and it meets once a year to formulate and update the constitution of the organization.Further;

It formulates overall policy of the organization

It appoints the members of the board

Review the annual report and budget of the organization

Board is a mix of social development experts, practitioners and beneficiaries dedicated to the advancement of gender equality, empowerment and justice. It meets on quarterly basis to determine strategic dimensions of the organization and grants approval to programme designs in accordance with the mandate approved by General Body.


Executive director is appointed by the Executive Board to take care of day to day business of the organization. S/he is reportable to the Board on the financial, administrative and programmatic affairs of the organization.

Participation of the programme beneficiaries including women groups in all of the above listed three decision making bodies helps in identification of their right based needs and demands, sorting out solutions to their problems, themselves becoming part of the solutions and in maintaining connectivity with communities.

Financial capacity:

Finance and Accounts system at Baidarie is regulated by comprehensive financial policy and SOPs approved by BoD. Qualified and adequately trained staff with clear job descriptions and well defined reporting channels is in place to ensure effective and efficient functioning of the systems. Automated financial information system (FIS) is used to document the financial transactions. Financial audits are conducted annually by the firm of auditors approved by the Board. Project based/ third party auditing is also conducted, whenever required

Organizational Strengths

More than  25 years of Experience of Social Activism and Development

Well defined vision, mission & objectives, Policies and SOPs,

Operational outreach all across Sialkot District

Linkages with social activist/groups.

Close contacts with women & girls workers

Close working relationship with key players in Sialkot Industry and trade associations like SCCI, PGMEA, SGMA and others

Working partnerships with Training institutes in Sialkot i.e LPDI and VTI

Connected with Civil Society Groups and Networks in Pakistan

Well recognized role of activism for right based Socio-economic development for rural women and other vulnerable groups

Well defined field management strategies, internal control procedures for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Trained Cadre of Trainers

Effectively functional MIS & FIS

Well organized Finance & Accounts Department

Human rights reporting desk and responding system

Research, analysis, documentation and Publication Team

Networking and Linkages at national, provincial, district and local levels.