Programme for Strengthening democratic local governance in Sialkot

Sialkot district is spread over an area of 3,016 square kilometers with its city center located at a distance of 125 Kilometers from Lahore. The district is administratively divided into four Tehsils i.e. Sialkot, Sambrial, Daska and Pasrur having 124 Union Councils (92 rural + 32 urban) and 100 urban wards. The 26.19% of the 3.89 Million populations of the district is urban while 73.81% is rural. Approximately 5% of the population is comprised of Non-Muslims. There are 1579 villages in Sialkot. At the eve of local government elections 2015 male voters were 57.93% and 42.07 % females (15.86 % less women than men registered voters) were of the total registered voters 2,011,912.


Project Objectives:

  • Mobilize forty (40) communities in Sialkot district for providing adequate spaces and enabling environment to the  “Left behind Social Segments” to be active partners of local bodies electoral process.
  • Sensitize the voters to take well thought out decisions while exercising their right to vote and
  • Increase women voters’ turnover in respective forty (40 communities by 28 % during the next local bodies elections expected to be held during Jan-Feb 2020. (Women voters’ turnout rate is proposed to be increased up to 70% during these elections.)
  • To build the capacity of sixty (60) elected representatives (Women, Non-Muslims, male & female youth, peasants and workers @ five (5) Per Union Council to be vigilant, active and effective components of local government entities.
  • To equip the direct beneficiaries and relevant communities with the knowledge and skills to hold elected representatives accountable for their performance against the legally mandated roles and responsibilities.
Staff Training Project Launching Ceremony
Selection of the Communities Addition of 20 (10 Male + 10 Female) volunteers
Training of volunteers Development of Linkages
Project specific Face Book page & Portal in Baidarie Website Ten (10) motivational messages will be published in five (5) local newspapers to motivate
Street Theatre Performances Data Collection
Issuance of CNICs to women Registration of women voters
Awareness raising meetings Motivational training sessions with “Left- behind Social Segments” for encouraging and enabling them to contest elections to the local governance entities
Voters training sessions (20 events) Training of Potential  Election /Polling Agents
Facilitation for “Left- behind Social Segments” in submission of their nomination papers to contest elections to local governance entities 2019. Campaign to increase women voters’ turn out in local bodies elections 2020
Election Day Activities Capacity Development of the newly elected representatives.
Panel Discussions on F.M. Radio: Five (5) Panel discussions Accountability Sessions
Process Documentation and Reporting: Project Audit
Evaluation Plan