Program Glimpses


  • Title of the Action Program: Women NIC & Voter Registration Campaign
  • Action Program Right Holders: 35000 Women
  • Operational Area: District Sialkot
  • Project Duration: 15th Feb 2019 to 15 Oct 2019
  • Technical & Financial Support: TDEA
  • Project Objective: To reduce the Male-Female Voter deficit by reaching out to areas where women do not tend to register for their NICs


Since November 2017, Baidarie has been implementing WNVRC with financial and technical support from Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) in district Sialkot. Building upon its unique multi-phased approach, WNVRC has yielded significant results during first two phases of the project by identifying more than 55,000 unregistered women in more than 900 census blocks across district Sialkot, and subsequently facilitating 40,483 of these women in acquiring NICs at NADRA service points. In national context it is a part of ECP’s campaign that has successfully contributed to facilitating the registration of more than four million women between the last two election cycles, the gender-gap in registered voters has not diminished primarily due to difficulties in maintaining the registration of eligible women for NICs and as voters at par with their rate of growth in the overall national population. Under the ECP’s strategy, TDEA’s initiative has strengthened citizens’ voice through sensitization and education for increasing women’s registration as voters, enabling them to exercise their right to vote in General Elections (GE) 2018. Keeping in view the gains made during Phases I and II of the project and continuing interest of the ECP, civil society support to complement the ECP’s unparalleled ‘Women’s NIC and Voter Registration Campaign Strategy’ needs to be sustained.

In order to address the gender-gap on electoral rolls, and to maximize the registration of women prior to the Local Government (LG) elections anticipated in ICT and the four provinces during 2019 and 2020, the ECP intends to continue the campaign. The ECP intends to continue to ensure partnership and coordination with the institution at all levels in the implementation of its campaign. In addition, sub-section (3) of section 47 of the Elections Act, 2017 requires NADRA to expedite the issuance of NICs for women in National and Provincial Assembly constituencies where the difference between male and female registered voters exceeds 10 percent.

During the implementation phase, Baidarie will continue to work in those areas of district Sialkot where the difference between male and female registered voters exceeds 10 percent. The activities in the implementation period will focus on mobilization, listing and facilitation of women’s registration and voter education. During the implementation phase, through coordinated efforts, Baidarie will focus on the registration of fresh and already listed women.