Vision Mission

Vision:“An equitable society that can provide for institutionalized guarantee of protection and promotion of civil, political, economic, social & cultural rights to the vulnerable social segments especially women & girls, children and persons with physical limitations.

Mission: “To provide enabling environment and friendly spaces for empowerment of marginalized social segments especially women & girls through general awareness of laws, capacity building and facilitating their access to the social protection networks.

Mandate: “ To contribute to the development of an equitable society that can provide for an institutionalized guarantee of protection and promotion of all the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to all the vulnerable social segments especially women, children and persons with physical limitations.

Strategic Priorities: ” Baidarie’s strategic priorities include (a) promotion of gender equity, empowerment & justice and (b) enabling women & girls to make organized struggle for their socioeconomic & political empowerment.

AIMS and Objectives:

In perfect compliance of the national and provincial laws and in pursuance of the principles of transparency and accountability, the organization will continue to strive to achieve the following objectives within its purview.Increase in knowledge, capacity building for economic productivity, skills enhancement, job placement, increasing self-employment of socially and economically marginalized Social segments especially women to reduce and alleviate poverty by increasing their financial and social participation.

  1. Increase in access to opportunities for women, children, special people and all sections of society having limited access to development opportunities to advance them in all spheres of life without any discrimination, harassment, fear and violence.
  2. Increase in access to opportunities for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and counseling for all, especially women and girls with health issues.
  3. Establish and operate medical institutions to improve the health care for mothers and newborns as much as possible.
  4. To facilitate the special persons and women & girls in acquisition of their National Identity Card, their registration as voters and in exercise to their right to vote.Facilitate the formation of a transparent, efficient, credible and accountable structure of local governments so that women and other vulnerable groups can be effectively involved in the local opinion / policy and decision making process.
  5. To facilitate the communities in acquisition of knowledge and skills in formal, non-formal and technical fields of education and to promote general financial literacy.
  6. To acquaint women, men and youth with the basic skills of living and their basic constitutional rights and duties so that they can play their role in the process of national development in a positive and constructive manner.
  7. Collecting cash and / or commodities as donations for the rescue and rehabilitation of the victims of a natural calamity or human tragedy and distributing the collected aid to the needy ones.
  8. Provide basic legal and social psychological counseling and easy access to expedited access to justice to those suffering from violence, physical abuse, mental affliction and psychological distress, especially women, on the basis of gender discrimination.
  9. Receiving gifts, donations, loans and movable or immovable property, etc. from the government, government agencies, national and international donors, corporations, companies or individuals for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives in compliance with the government regulations.