“An equitable society that can provide for institutionalized  guarantee of protection and promotion of all the  civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to all the vulnerable social segments  especially women, children and persons with physical limitations.”


“To Provide  enabling environment and friendly spaces for empowerment of women & girls and other vulnerable social segments through general awareness of laws, capacity building and facilitating their access to the social protection networks.”

Core Programmes/Services

The organization has been working for increasing economic, social and political inclusion of women, girls and other vulnerable social segments into the mainstream developmental process through:

knowledge building, social mobilization, capacity development, Provision of Healthcare facilities Promotion of formal and non-formal education skill enhancment and diversifcation,development of women led entrepreneurship, increase in  access to the linkages for maximizing productiivity, employablity and  income generation, protecting women & girls from gender based discriminations & violence in the indoor and outdoor spheres of life, promoting gender equity, empowerment and justice, facilitation in isuance of CNICs, registration of voters ,voter education and  promoting culture of accoutnability of elected representatives and public office holders. It has also been makig efforts for  enabling the most vulnerable ones for making collective organized struggle for securing, protecting and promoting their basic human rights and raising their voices to be considered during policy/decision making processes at all levels. From 2010 onwards, with the support provided by UN WOMEN, ILO, PPAF and adidas the organization has been making extensive efforts for the socio-economic rehabilitation of jobless women soccer stitchers and empowerment of women and girls workers in the informal sector in Sialkot.