Women Empowerment Programme (Phase-II)

Action Program Right Holders 100  On-job Women Workers
Technical & Financial Support Social and Environmental Affairs – adidas

Long Term Objective

Socio-economic empowerment of the selected batch of one thousand (1000) women/girls workers who have been/are working in the supply chain for adidas

Immediate objectives

  • To build knowledge of target set of women/girls workers in line with ILO Conventions, Constitution of Pakistan and also with Labor laws of the country about their legal rights and to enable them for lawful prevention of any encroachment/violation of these rights.
  • To build the capacity of on-job women/girls workers for pursuing and availing career development opportunities, be a part of the supervisory/management tiers and effective part of the grievance addressing mechanisms etc.
  • To prepare on-job women workers for assuming the leadership role in employment and working atmosphere.

Women Empowerment Programme: Phase-II

With broader objectives of promoting culture of gender responsiveness and women empowerment in corporate practices in Pakistan, it is proposed through consultations with SEA adidas that Phase-II of “Women Empowerment Programme” be launched for implementation at Style Textile (Pvt) Ltd. Lahore.


S-No Activity
1 Hiring of staff, training & logistical arrangements.
2 Selection of one  hundred ( 100 )  on-job women   workers at Style Textile (Pvt) Ltd.
3 Baseline assessment
4 Project launching cum orientation ceremony
5 Orientation sessions with on-job women workers
6 Formation of  Groups of on-job women workers
7 Capacity Building on-job Women Worker
8 Monthly meetings of the groups of on-job women workers.
9 Training sessions for  on-job women workers  on Financial Planning & Domestic Budgeting
10 Training sessions for on-job women workers on  “Career Development & enhancement of Leadership Skills” .
11 Bi-Monthly Progress Review Meetings.
12 End of Project evaluation by third party
13 Development, designing and publication of the project completion report.
14 Project  audit

Capacity Building for Suppliers on Women Empowerment

1.      Gap Analysis/Baseline assessment in adidas suppliers

2.      Training/Capacity Building for supplier’s Compliance Team

3.      Assignment for all participants

4.      Review Meeting/Evaluation